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Today marks a thrilling new chapter in the world of art and cinema as proudly announces an extraordinary collaboration with the esteemed Seventh Art Productions. This ground-breaking partnership is set to redefine the way art enthusiasts experience the magic of cinema, bringing an unparalleled selection of premier Art films directly to screens worldwide.

SigmArt, the leading platform for curated artistic content, invites audiences to embark on an enchanting journey with the launch of SigmArt Art Cinema. This innovative venture promises a curated collection of the finest Art movies, documentaries, and podcasts, all available for on-demand streaming. Elevate your artistic exploration as cinematic brilliance converges with the convenience of at-home viewing.

Discover a World of Artistic Excellence

SigmArt Art Cinema is your exclusive gateway to a world where art comes to life on your terms. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of cinematic masterpieces such as "HOPPER - An American Love Story," a film that captures the essence of love in a way that transcends time. Lose yourself in the exquisite beauty of "Girl with a Pearl Earring," a cinematic journey that breathes life into Vermeer's iconic painting.

Step into the vibrant and passionate world of "Frida Kahlo," a film that not only unveils the tumultuous life of the renowned artist but also serves as a visual ode to her indomitable spirit. These are not mere movies; they are portals into the hearts of captivating stories, offering a profound journey into the realms of love, art, and resilience.


A Cinematic Odyssey Awaits

 SigmArt Art Cinema promises a diverse and enriching selection that transcends traditional cinema. Subscribe today to unveil the magic of art through our curated selection of thought-provoking films, showcasing the beauty and diversity of artistic expression. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to bring the Art Cinema experience directly to your living room.

 Subscribe to SigmArt now and embark on a cinematic journey that celebrates the power of creativity and imagination. Join us as we embrace a new era where the art world meets the cinematic screen.

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Tel.+44(0)7956244145 is a leading platform dedicated to curating and delivering exceptional artistic content to audiences worldwide. From captivating films to thought-provoking documentaries, is the ultimate destination for art enthusiasts seeking a unique and immersive experience. is transforming the way people connect with arts and culture. By bringing together live and on-demand Theatre, Arts, Music centres, Museums, and Cultural venues with new audiences.

AboutSeventh Art Productions

SeventhArt Productions is one of the world’s leading film production companies, with a40-year history in delivering accessible and exciting documentaries. With a particular focus over the past two decades on the arts and music, Seventh ArtProductions has consistently made award-winning films that screen in cinemas and on TVs worldwide.  A superb new podcast ‘Painting of the Week’ has also quickly become very popular.

Published date:
January 8, 2024