SigmArt and International Music Festival "Palaces of St. Petersburg" Join Forces for Unforgettable Musical Extravaganza

In a groundbreaking collaboration, SigmArt is set to partner with the prestigious International Music Festival"Palaces of St. Petersburg." This alliance promises a harmonious blend of artistry and culture, kicking off with the inaugural music event in St. Petersburg on November 12th.

Musical Magic Unveiled: "The Immortal Beloved" Takes Center Stage

The spotlight of the evening will shine on "The Immortal Beloved," a musical sensation that has enraptured audiences in the most illustrious Italian theatres. Held in the opulent White Hall of the Sheremetev Palace – Museum of Music, this performance promises to be an enchanting exploration of the muses who inspired great composers.

Soprano Marina Zyatkova will breathe life into the captivating personas of women immortalized in musical masterpieces.Aloysia Weber, Giulietta Guicciardi, Maddlena Fumaroli, Clara Wieck—these women's secret thoughts and desires will be unveiled through letters dedicated to them. Zyatkova will weave a musical tapestry featuring chamber, operatic, and instrumental masterpieces by Mozart, Beethoven, and Bellini, accompanied by the renowned pianist Stanislav Solovyov.

St. Petersburg Trio: A Symphony of Schumann's Compositions

The second part of the evening will witness the acclaimed "St. Petersburg Trio" gracing the stage. Comprising Maria Safaryants (violin), Sergei Slovachevsky (cello), and pianist Stanislav Solovyov, this trio will showcase Schumann's timeless compositions. Adding to the ensemble, violist Andrei Dogadin will lend his expertise, creating a musical journey through the genius of Schumann.

A Night of Melody and History in the White Hall

The historic White Hall of the Sheremetev Palace will host this musical spectacle, resonating with echoes of 19th-century balls, theatrical performances, and symphonic gatherings. Once the stage for the choir of Count Sheremetev and the Great Russian Orchestra of Vasily Andreev, the White Hall is not just an architectural masterpiece by Quarenghi but also a symbol of one of the most romantic love stories of its time.

Giacomo Quarenghi, the architect behind the White Hall, witnessed the union of Count Sheremetev and Praskovya Zhemchugova, a former serf actress. Their love story, woven into the very fabric of this hall, is a testament to the profound role of women in the lives of eminent men. The union was a tale of love overcoming societal norms, immortalized in the grandeur of Quarenghi's creation.

Captivating the Soul: A Night toRemember

As SigmArt and the International Music Festival "Palaces of St. Petersburg" join hands, audiences are in fora night of musical enchantment and historical resonance. The synergy between the ethereal melodies and the rich history of the White Hall promises an experience that transcends time. Save the date for November 12th, as St.Petersburg becomes the stage for an unforgettable celebration of music, love, and history.

Published date:
December 12, 2023